SEA-VR sessions provided insight into the current and future state of the immersive technology industry and its impact on our business and personal lives.   Thank you to the presenters!

9:30 AM—9:45 AM | Keynote Room - Hall B

Welcome to SEA-VR 2015

PRESENTED BY: Bob Berry, Envelop VR

9:45 AM—10:45 AM | Keynote Room - Hall B

A (virtual) world where everyone knows your name: Can we stay human and free, when a ‘village’ spans the globe?”


10:45 AM—11:30 AM | Keynote Room - Hall B

What is the Metaverse? Beyond gaming and cinema, what will it take to make VR worlds as big as the internet?

PRESENTED BY: Philip Rosedale, (previously founder of Second Life)

11:30 AM—7:00 PM | Expo - Hall A

Expo Opens

4:30 PM—5:30 PM | Keynote Room - Hall B

“Shark Tank”

5:30 PM—7:00 PM | Expo - Hall A

Cocktail Reception